About Us

Zagert Hermanos S.A. was founded more than 55 years ago by Otto Zagert and Ricardo Zagert. We started working in a small workshop located in Villa Tesei, Buenos Aires.

Our company uses the best available woods and raw materials provided by thoroughly selected suppliers from Argentina as well as from other countries around the world, in order to manufacture and ensure the quality of their musical instruments.

Most frequently, we use such woods as: Sitka Spruce, Canadian Red Cedar, Palisander, Indian Ebony, Bolivian Rosewood and Brazilian Cedar, among others.

Through the time, Zagert Hnos. S.A. adopted modern technology and optimized its quality controls during the manufacturing processes. Their unique and characteristic sonority was achieved by the inclusion of exclusive and innovative design and production techniques.

Currently, our company manufactures about 22.000 guitars per year in a model plant extended over a 2.500 m2 covered area and also employees more than 30 workers trained by the company itself in each one of the areas of the manufacturing processes.

Our products are sold in more than 230 stores in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, and premium models are exported to Spain, Austria and the USA.

La Alpujarra® and Fonseca® are our most prestigious brands that have achieved national and international acknowledgment  Their wide range of models are aimed to meet students requirements and those expressed by professional musicians.

Zagert Hnos. S.A. works on the continued development of making and communication resources to support sales and distribution of their products.